The Logo for Patriot Recycling


Our vision is to become one of the most inclusive and effective tire recycling companies in the United States by providing sustainable recycling solutions while producing viable and useful products from recycled tires.


Our mission is to promote a cleaner environment by providing efficient ways to recycle tires and reduce environmental pollution in Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and surrounding areas.


The genesis of Patriot Recycling occurred in 2010 when the concept of developing a tire derived aggregate and tire derived fuel (“TDA/TDF”) operation in southwest Virginia was conceived by entrepreneur Frank Pyott of Tazewell, Virginia. After the formation of Advanced Technologies of Southwest Virginia, Inc. Frank joined ranks with former high school classmate Bob Myers of Gray Tennessee, to bring the concept to fruition. The two collaborated in the retooling of the project’s initial business plan to engineer and develop the basic blue print for Patriot. Following the untimely passing of Frank in 2011, Bob and members of the Pyott family continued with the pursuit of Frank’s concept. In conjunction with Keith Stiltner, a coal mine operator from Grundy, Virginia, the principals succeeded in acquiring a facility and processing equipment to begin operations in the fall of 2013 in Bristol TN. As of April 2016 Patriot Recycling was spun off from Advanced Technologies as a stand alone company under the leadership of Brent Miller  along with owner Keith Stiltner who have implemented new strategies for growth and product development in the crumb rubber industry. 2017 saw record growth for the company as well as possible expansion plans  into other parts of Tennessee


From the Outset, Frank envisioned a recycling operation which ultimately would process and sell “everything but the smoke on the saw”. True to Frank’s vision, Patriot Recycling operations include everything from the manufacturing process for TDA/TDF,to  aggregate for infrastructure ,crumb rubber  and providing sustainable recycling solutions by providing viable and useful products from recycled tires.

We  are the only permitted and approved tire recycling facility in Tennessee